Driving Under the Influence/DUI

Driving Under the Influence/DUI

areas_animalsIf you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense, you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights, your driving privileges, your liberty and your welfare. Trip Walton began his career as a Deputy District Attorney in Montgomery County, AL. As a young Deputy District Attorney, Trip prosecuted cases including but not limited to capital murder, robbery, rape, child molestation, drug trafficking, illegal distribution of drugs, possession and trafficking of marijuana, and hundreds upon hundreds of driving under the influence of alcohol cases. After leaving his position as a Deputy District Attorney in Montgomery, he later became the City Prosecutor for the City of Auburn, AL, where he prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases among other traffic violations. Hence, he has invaluable experience as a former prosecutor which allows him a unique insight when handling cases where his clients have been charged with criminal offenses. Trip has been on the other side of the fence and knows how the system works.

Assisting Trip with criminal cases is Kisha Abercrombie. Kisha was a prosecutor for a total of 14 years where she handle thousands of felonies and misdemeanors. She served as assistant DA in Chambers, Macon, Randolph and Tallapoosa County‘s and then served as chief assistant DA for Lee County. Therefore, Kisha has many years of experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system which she uses to assist our clients.

At Walton Law firm, we have more than 47 years of experience in successfully defending hundreds of folks accused of all types of DUI cases, including Felony DUI and DUI’s where injury occured:

  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving While Intoxicated

For those charged with DUI, it should be noted that on September 1, 2011, Alabama’s new DUI laws took effect. These laws are tougher and impose “double minimum punishment” under certain circumstances. There is also the possibility of an ignition interlock device being installed on your vehicle under aggravated circumstances. A blood alcohol content of 0.15% is an aggravating circumstance.