Car Accidents

Car Accidents

areas_carWalton Law Firm is largely known for handling thousands of car wreck cases. Over the years, car wrecks and truck wrecks have been our main practice area. We handle big or small, we have handled them all!

Cases range from soft tissue injuries to quadriplegic cases and death. Each case is assessed individually and handled based upon its own specific set of facts. Although many cases have similarities, none of them are identical.  Hence, we treat each client with special care and concern.

A few things that you can do to help Walton Law Firm with your automobile accident case is to take and preserve photographs of the vehicle. In handling car wreck cases, photographs of damage to the vehicles are extremely useful.  We look for real crunch and damage to the vehicle. Another thing you can do is to take photographs of your personal injuries and make sure to follow your doctor’s advice regarding treatment plan. If physical therapy is ordered, do it. If a prescription is written, fill it. You do not want to be accused by the defense insurance company of making your injury worse by not following good sound medical advice.

One thing to watch out for is excessive chiropractic treatment. I believe in chiropractic treatment and I personally use chiropractors. However, in the world of minimal impact soft tissue cases, chiropractic treatment in an amount over and above $3,500 is almost impossible to make work. The market simply will not cover all expenses involved and time required when chiropractic expenses are too high. Medical science tells us that most soft tissue injuries resolve themselves within 6 to 8 weeks after trauma. This is a true statement. That is why it is hard for an attorney to get you fair compensation for soft tissue injuries which become long lasting or permanent. Therefore, it is important not to over treat simply because you enjoy the socialization process of treating.

It is also very important for the client to be open and honest with us regarding pre-existing conditions and injuries as well as injuries that may occur after your car wreck. The one thing we have to maintain is your credibility. If you lose your credibility at any time during the process, you can seriously devalue your claim. In other words, it is not a problem that you have pre-existing conditions and/or injuries, but it can be a major catastrophe if you do not tell us about them.

One more important point is that gaps in your medical treatment can kill the value of your case. In other words, if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision and simply go home and sit around and receive no medical attention for eight days, two weeks or a month, you have reduced the ability to pursue fair compensation for the injury caused by the collision. Emergency room treatment with follow up treatment for the same complaints is the best way to assure fair compensation for your injuries. Furthermore, if you are released from your doctor and feel like you need to seek additional medical attention – do not wait.  Contact another physician immediately for follow up so that you do not create a gap for the defense insurance company to use against you.